Arts of the Americas Elective Huichol Yarn Painting
Arts of the Americas Elective Huichol Yarn Painting
Tierney Shawnee
Tuesday, September 05, 2017

My electives class is called “The Arts of the Americas” , where we will be focused on the art ways rooted in the geography, peoples, and evolving cultures of the Americas.   We are currently studying color theory and will put these foundational ideas to use in our first major project; yarn paintings.  Yarn paintings are an art form perfected by the Huichol Indians of north western Mexico.

We are asking for any help acquiring the following items to begin this first project:
YARN….any scraps, or remnant pieces of yarn can be put to good use
Threads….embroidery thread or very thin “yarn like threads” also work great
Card stock , poster board, card board…..we can use scrap pieces
Again many thanks for passing this along!  And thanks to anyone who has items to share!
Mrs. Shawnee