Letter from Board President -Beverly Felton
Mike Bread
Tuesday, April 07, 2020


Dear Little Axe Parents, Family, and Friends:

This week marks the beginning of a new and unexpected experience for Oklahoma students, teachers and school staff. Although we did not anticipate ending the year this way, I am proud of the distance learning plan Little Axe has developed to allow students to learn from home. We know this change is difficult, and there is sadness about missing or delaying special events and activities. During this time, students and their families can count on Little Axe to support them, both academically and emotionally.

While this health crisis has presented many challenges, it also has given us opportunities to help one another. In one week, the district’s child nutrition team served almost 5000 meals to our local children. Additionally, our staff completed the massive task of developing a distance learning plan in just a matter of days. On behalf of the board and our community, I commend and thank all school employees for their hard work and commitment. Little Axe has an incredible team. I personally could not be more proud of our staff for carrying out such a huge undertaking.  

We continue to look for ways to assist students who do not have computers or access to the internet. Our administration staff work very hard on a daily basis to find solutions to these problems. We will continue to provide paper copies of assignments to those who need them for as long as necessary to make sure all our students have access to their assignments. Please continue to stay in contact with your teacher if you need paper packets of assignments.

The next few weeks will unveil a temporary new normal for us all. Kitchen tables will double as classroom/office spaces, and our world will be limited to the walls of our own homes. I would like to thank parents for partnering with the district on this journey. While they will be assisting their children in person, they will not be alone. Teachers will be just a phone call, email or videoconference away. 

We are fortunate to serve a community that values public education and understands that flexibility is necessary to meet the needs of students. A school is not a building; it is a family of caring, knowledgeable professionals making a difference for students every day. Little Axe is home to the best and brightest, and they will finish the school year strong.

Thank you for your support of Little Axe Public Schools. WE ARE LITTLE AXE STRONG!!


Beverly Felton
President, Little Axe Board of Education