Message from Dr Thomas
Mike Bread
Friday, October 09, 2020


Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Patrons of Little Axe Public Schools,

First of all, we thank you for your interest in and support of Little Axe Public Schools. As you are aware, we currently have two options for students to attend Little Axe Public Schools; students can either attend virtually with online classes or traditionally through regular face-to-face instruction. Students in the secondary levels can attend using a blended model where some classes are online and others are traditional.

For those who have chosen or are thinking about transferring to and utilizing a different option of online instruction, we would like to share some thoughts with regard to Little Axe Public Schools. The teachers and staff at Little Axe are genuinely concerned with the well being of your child.  With limited class sizes and a one-to-one ratio for devices, our teachers are able to relate to students and are more available to assist with instruction daily. The teachers of Little Axe are truly interested in the achievement of all children. While there may be an increased workload over other options, it is well proven that traditional schools are out-performing their virtual counterparts. Little Axe students who are struggling with attendance and/or coursework completion are contacted regularly to ensure that the student is able to succeed. This is not the case with other online schools. 

Schools receive funding from three sources: Local, State and Federal. Little Axe Public Schools is regularly audited to ensure that all money is accounted for and the proper procedures of purchasing as well as disposing of school property are followed. The school is accountable for all money in and out of the district. These documents can be found online through the Oklahoma State Department of Education. In choosing to enroll your child in Little Axe Public Schools, your tax dollars are working for your local school. With a higher enrollment comes more funding for the school which, in turn, creates more opportunities for students attending Little Axe School District. As your students continue to attend school locally, the school and facilities benefit greatly; the funding provided with your child's attendance will not be sent to another school or state; it will be utilized within the district.

In conclusion, for those who continue enrollment, thank you. For those who are considering a different option, please allow us to discuss reasons with you and what we can do to serve your child. For those who have chosen a different option of virtual instruction, we would be happy for your child to come back to Little Axe Public Schools and promise that we will work to give your child the best education possible. We have an incredible staff who are genuinely concerned with the achievement of your child and will work to ensure they gain the education they deserve. If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the administration.


Dr. Jay Thomas,