OU Medical Scholars Program
Kaitline Horvath
Thursday, November 02, 2017

The application can be found here

Through this program, students are able to pursue a liberal arts education focused on medicine and society and at the same time fulfill their pre-medical requirements. MH Scholars are guaranteed admission to the OU College of Medicine if their undergraduate science grade point average and MCAT scores equal or surpass the previous year’s incoming class average.
Today, thirteen classes have graduated from the Honors College and entered the OU College of Medicine, ready to tackle the challenges of medical training and practice, having enjoyed an enriched undergraduate experience that included clinical experience, travel abroad, research in biochemistry, genetics, and public health, and classes in literature and medicine, the history of medicine, medical anthropology, and bioethics. At the College of Medicine, these young people have many additional opportunities to explore the art and humanity of medicine through the new expanded Humanities in Medicine curriculum.
The advantages of becoming an OU Medical Humanities Scholar include the following:

  • Early consideration for admission to the OU College of Medicine.
  • Enhanced appreciation for the art and science of medicine through traditional and complimentary clinical experiences during the undergraduate years.
  • Broader understanding of medicine’s past, present, and future and a sensitivity to the ethical, political, and social issues physicians and biomedical researchers face today.
  • Preparation for the practice of cross-cultural medicine through language, humanities, and social science courses and clinical internships.

One important point: this is NOT an accelerated pathway to OU College of Medicine, although some students, especially those with many Advanced Placement credits, may choose to complete their undergraduate education in three years.