Spring 2021 Guidelines


Dear Parents and Students, 


With the change to our A/B schedule this semester for our traditional students, I wanted to reach out to be sure that parents were aware of the district policies the teachers have been told to follow.  


We continue to offer the following learning paths:  

  1. 100% virtual:  these students will continue to access their curriculum through Google Classroom and communicate with their respective teachers.  

Traditional:  Students reporting to school, even if they are following the A/B scheduling, are considered “traditional”.  All students should now know their designated days to report to school.  

  • “A” students will go in-person Monday and Tuesday and be virtual Wednesday and Thursday.  
  • “B” students will be virtual Monday and Tuesday and go in-person Wednesday and Thursday.  
  • If you have family members in the same household that are on different days and you would like to align them on the same days, you can contact the site administration to do so.  
  • Your child must attend in-person on the days they are assigned.  They cannot make up missed days by attending other days during the week (example an “A” student cannot come Wednesday to make up for missing Monday). 
  • The pace of instruction and due dates can differ across grades and teachers.  Teachers have been instructed to be sure they are posting an agenda that has a daily expectation for each group of students as well as due dates.  
    • The Sunday due date is for 100% virtual students, not traditional students.  


District policies:


Due Dates:

            Beginning January 4, 2021, the following will be expected:

  • 100% virtual students will continue to have Sunday at midnight as a deadline as a minimum. 
  • Traditional (A/B) students' deadlines will be at teacher discretion and must be communicated on the required agenda posted in Google Classroom.  
    • “A” and “B” students can have different due dates.  


            Beginning January 4, 2021, the following attendance policy will be in effect:

  • 100% virtual students will continue with the attendance policy used in the first semester.  Completed assignments and participation will count as attendance.  
  • Traditional (A/B) students will have their attendance taken on the days they are in class (“A” - Monday/Tuesday; “B” - Wednesday/Thursday).
    • They are assumed present on their virtual days.  
      • Lack of work will be reflected in their grades and could lead to possible retention or loss of credit.  
    • Consistent lack of participation and/or incomplete work will be communicated and reported to administration.  
      • This could result in reporting to the District Attorney. 

Please feel free to reach out to me or your site administration with any questions. 


Emily Blakley

District Curriculum Director

405-329-1612 extension 9923