The options below are still available for your school.  The LIST OF CHAMPIONS web pages and LIST OF CHAMPIONS Almanac (see below).  
We have also added the STATE PLAYOFF GAMES for all of Slow Pitch Softball (1983-2017) to the STATE TOURNEY/PLAYOFF GAMES section for your school (Fast Pitch Softball is coming soon…).
We also have the LIST OF CHAMPIONS (1918-2017) Almanacs IN HAND.  They are still available to schools for $14.99 with free shipping for a little bit longer.  Simply click the PayPal link below to place your order or if you want to do a PO, shoot me an email at chris@iwasatthegame.com.
LIST OF CHAMPIONS web pages, for your school’s website (at no cost)
These pages are still available for your website. Some schools do an incredible job of keeping track of the history of their school in athletics and non-athletics but some are not able to.  We have created a series of web pages just for your school.  These pages have listed every state champion from your school whether it be :

    • Team championships in sports (all Oklahoma High School Sports)
    • Championships in non-athletics (Jazz Band, One-Act, Speech-Debate or Academic Bowl)
    • Complete State Tournament/Playoff Games for your school All-Time in Football, Basketball and Baseball  (Fall Baseball, Slow-Pitch and Fast-Pitch coming soon).
    • Academic State Champions (since 1989)

The link below takes you to a “landing page” for all of this information.  It is for you to link to from your website at no cost to you.  You can use this particular page from your website or, for example, you can use only the Football and Basketball links if you wish, it’s up to you.  

This is your schools unique LIST OF CHAMPIONS website address.
Even if you choose not to use these pages on your website, please feel free to compare them to the records you have at your school and let us know of any corrections that we need to make.  We take the accuracy of the data maintain VERY SERIOUSLY.
LIST OF CHAMPIONS ALMANAC (for $14.99 each + free shipping)
This 384 page printed Almanac contains a complete list of every Oklahoma State Champion from 1918 to 2017, team, individual, athletic, non-athletic and academic.  You CANNOT go wrong with this book.  It is an incredible reference not only for your school but for all schools since 1918.  
One of the incredible benefits of both of these is that we will continually keep the information up to date so you don’t have to.  This is a great benefit for using the website links that are available to you.
If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.
Also, let me know if we need to remove any buttons, change colors, etc from these pages for your school.  Once again, the webpages are a free service to your school.