LAMS discipline

Discipline Philosophy at Little Axe Middle School

Little Axe middle school utilizes a consistent, comprehensive approach for behavioral improvement (discipline). Systematic in nature, we incorporate several supportive strategies and positive behavioral objectives that assist us in obtaining/maintaining a structured environment and encouraging positive behaviors with safety, inclusion, order and learning for all students as the primary focus. We believe that true student academic success AND teacher satisfaction is a reflection of a solid, effective foundational discipline system that promotes these outcomes.

These strategies include:

1)      A student incentive program (Dream Catchers, True Grit, Carpe Diem) designed to recognize and reward students for good behaviors. This program also recognizes student’s academic progress, community service and attendance .

2)      Advocacy is a relationship building component (mentoring). It is designed to improve and strengthen appropriate relationships between students and staff members.

3)      The Grade Level Team Led Conferences  require students and teachers to present student progress in each category of the student incentive program (academic, behavioral, community service, attendance) to their guardian. This component has proven to increase parental involvement and enhance student responsibility.

4)      The Discipline Point System provides strategies and consequences geared towards behavioral improvement. This is a progressive, cumulative point system. This system also incorporates positive points for good behavior.

Our positive behavioral objectives include:

A)     Maintaining safety and order for students and staff

B)     Improving supervision and instruction

C)      Improving student academic success and teacher satisfaction

*We believe A and B must be achieved (in place) before C can occur to its fullest potential

Along with these strategies and objectives, intervention strategies and resources are utilized reinforcing our behavioral expectations and promoting student success. These strategies are employed prior to most discipline consequences (Lunch Detentions, ISD, Behavioral Intervention Plans, Suspensions, Expulsion):

·         Verbal warnings (to student, conference with student and/or guardian)

·         Written warnings (warning slips)

·         Visual warnings (name written on board, written warning slips)

·         Counseling and/or discussions to identify and modify unwanted behaviors

·         Written behavioral agreements (contracts with student and/or guardian)

·         Direct parental notification (phone calls, emails, behavior logs, etc)

·         Direct conference with student and/or guardian

·         Outside counseling services (possible alternative educational options – LAVA)